Tuesday, 7 July 2015

writing Multi-voice poetry

Chromatic Voices 2 Live at Seeds of Thought

(performing, Poems Against War.)


link to part 2 (which contains my poem Roadblock: featured in my next post)


            A recently filmed poem about Humanity, Equality, and Dignity.

As you know I have been unable to post quite a few multi-voice poems onto WordPress-as the settings go astray and I see code at the top of the page. I have mainly been using Blogger with which I get no difficulties with Code.  I enclose the Reply to my query on Microsoft Expression Web 4 Online Forum 7/7/2015. Many thanks to their expert KathyW2. (The multi-voice poem had shown great on Web 4 but changed when posted to my site)-

The font-size of your text on the page you linked is 100%. It is not determined by anything you did, it's part of the theme styling. And, since you have a block of style code displaying at the top of the page, clearly you can't simply paste an in-page style block into your post.

Your blog theme styles are not in Expression Web, so you cannot assume that what you do in EW will translate to your blog. You would need to learn how to add additional styles to your blog, or (better) use the ones it already has.

Font-size xxsmall is not something that is consistent across browsers, and is too small to read. If WordPress had really shown your text in that size, it would not have been very useful. Font sizes should be in ems or %. But in your case, you should leave them alone and let the blog theme styling do its job. The number of columns you get is not determined by the font size, but by the number of floated divs you have, and that they have widths that add up to less than 100%.

Look at the page in IE, in FireFox, and in Chrome. You'll see some differences. For Firefox and Chrome, you have a table that doesn't clear the preceding floats and sits up where your columns are. I can't tell you what causes that difference - again, you are subject to the styles in your blog theme - but you could try adding an explicit style="clear:both" to the table element.

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