Monday, 26 October 2015


I know a lot of people go through this scenario at the end of a relationship. Is there a way back through Counselling or something else? I hope so. [Try: ] But I think that the fact that this stage has been reached, must be addressed by both people in the relationship. And never accept violence!


Speaker 1                                             Speaker 2


                                                      You arrived as a part of an alien landing

                                                      Bringing gifts of hate and misunderstanding

                                                      Your words are empty, your promises broken

                                                      Your mouth full of lies, waiting to be spoken


Once I loved you, but now we are strangers

All we have is distrust and unspoken dangers

Your kindness distorted, your beauties are shaded

We sleep apart, even lust has faded


                                                      Each evening we sit, as time drains away

                                                      Living in silence, each night and each day

                                                      We can’t even party, at the end of the week

                                                      Two people, once lovers, who can’t even speak


“Did you get the food OK tonight?”             

                                                     “Do you think I am stupid? Of course I did”

“Don’t raise your voice at me!”                            

                                                     “You’re the one that is shouting”


We don’t……………                                         …………don’t want to fight

But we play this game………                              ……………each night

Nothing that we can do

Time to say,

                                                      “It’s through?”




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