Thursday, 3 May 2018

CANADA, a protest poem



Thanks to Infinity’s Kitchen magazine for their kind permission to re-use this poem. This has been performed once with a Canadian flag wrapped around the performers.

(The readers (any number from 4 to 6) appear to the audience to read out of any sequence. They look at the audience without looking at each other. Each reader reads one line and the second word in each line is spoken at the same time as the first word in the following line.

The last line spoken by all. Please use at demos and events and put on You Tube!)




Snow falling

Falling down

Down wind

Wind blowing

Blowing hard

Hard ice

Ice breaking

Breaking through

Through Artic

Artic seals

Seals crying

Crying no more

No more blood

Blood stains

Stain’s Canada


Canada’s shame 




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