Thursday, 10 September 2015

Language translators.

 Some more information on how to put a language translator onto your website.

I have now, at last, got a language translator that works on my Altervista site. It is:

Of course, language translators will not translate poems that are posted as pictures. However, multi-voice poems are usually so intricate and exact that a translation of an html (multi-voice poem) post sends the text all over the place. However, the text will go back to where it should be when the Language Translator is turned off, or when the viewer exits the webpage.

Even if someone looks at a multi-voice poem and they don’t speak the language of the poem, I believe that the poem can still look fascinating. I intend doing a Post soon which will be a multi-voice poem made into an art work. I think multi-voice poems are intrinsically artistic. As I said in a previous Post, a human rights group had wanted to use my multi-voice poems as artworks for a human rights exhibition. Unfortunately, the organiser became ill and it didn’t happen. The intention was for some entire poems to be painted (in various formats) as stand alone pictures. And for phrases from the poems to be pasted around huge stretches of wall. I think it would have worked. I would be glad for someone else to try this. eg. an art gallery or a human rights group.


I found a useful post on the web with regard to language translators for Posted by timethief who is a member of Forums.

As s/he says, “If you wish to use this code then you will have to replace the URL for my blog i.e. with the URL for your blog throughout.”


If you go to the site and copy the html for the language translator and then paste it into an editor like Notepad. Then you replace that person’s URL for their website with the URL for your website (Edit; Replace; Replace All.) Check that the change has been done properly-I seemed to have gotten two URL’s for each line when I posted into So you then go to and paste in the html editor your version of the code from the site with your own URL replacements. Preview it to check it is ok. Then Publish.

So thanks to timethief for this helpful Post and I finally got it working ok. (I am a beginner but I think that this method for works-where many others did not work-is because the html is a set of hyperlinks to a site where the translation is done. So the translation is not done on your actual site-so no potentially risky coding on site.)

Please have a look at each of my multi-voice sites and at the different language translators now on each.

Web addresses are:       



And another at:



And also at:


And now also at:






On 15/4/2015 My Multi-voice poem  Ripples was published in Issue 1 of Rooms.

On 24/6/2015 I learned that my Multi-Voice poem Many Different Animals would be used by Dupe web magazine in the Wild Issue:


A little matter of Economics multi-voice poem.


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