Sunday, 30 August 2015

Using a language translator for your website

LANGUAGE TRANSLATORS.                                                    

I have always been interested in the many different ways there are (or are not) to translate languages on your website (or blog). What I say goes for Blogs as well as websites. Some WordPress themes are said to be “translation ready”-making it easier to translate. But they don’t actually translate. I have spent ages trying to work out how to get free translation on and failed. websites costs money to use but you can get actual translators that are designed for them. There are free ones but the best translators cost money (or so the experts say).

Google Translator translates and is free. I don’t think it worked for me on because it uses Javascript which WordPress does not like.

My Yola website already has a Google language translator there. You just have to get it ready to go.

I could not get any type of translator to work on my website. I tried Google translator which didn’t work on Blogger either (strangely enough as they are both the same company I thought). But I added a Bing Translator to Blogger and it worked. Google Translator works on the self hosted WordPress but not on (the free site)

I could not get any translator to work on my Altervista website. I have just started using Altervista and it does not Blog at all with the beginner’s theme website I have. Also it is not user friendly (well, not Ashby friendly).


Here are some translators which are free and you just have to put in the URL of your site (into their little code manufacturer) to get some code which you add to your post or page. Even I can do this. How good the translators are-as regards accuracy-I don’t know.

Also there is



I have not tried the ones below.

This is a site that lists lots of translators:

An excellent article:

And this too:

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